Pondering the day

Today is my birthday. It has been very nice. People on Facebook are reminded of the day and wish me well. Old friends out of the blue call me up or e-mail me and surprise me with their thoughts of happiness. A simple gift of a piece of chocolate cake from my roommate.  What could be better? Life is good. I am content.

I get to do whatever I want. How many people in this world get to say that? I thrill over just being able to sit here writing my blog and listen to Pandora with headphones on my head. Music is such a wonderful gift. Crash Test Dummies, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman (Grateful Dawg), Maria Callas, and Patti Smith. Don’t forget to sing along.

I just got back from a trip across the country to visit my brother who I haven’t seen for over 15 years. Surprised the shit out of him! It was great. And I got to see his three sons, my nephews, as well. We are all getting old. Life goes on regardless of what choices you make or opportunities you let slip by. I am trying my best to not let opportunities get away.

We are here to leave a mark on the world.