Getting hooked on Facebook

I never thought I would but I did it. I signed up on Facebook and now I’m hooked. I have to admit it is a great way to get and stay in touch with family members especially when they are spread far and wide across the country. And the family just keeps growing. Now cousins have children and they have children not to mention your own nephews and nieces. The thing is, all those family members you never really knew growing up, but knew existed, you can now get to know via Facebook.

I spent some time a few years back researching my family genealogy. I think I will now spend some time collecting the stories of my more contemporary family history while that information is easy to acquire. It’s much easier to talk to the living than the dead. My paternal family came from Italy so finding anything earlier than my great grandparents’ names is virtually impossible. But I think it would be impressive to show how far this family has grown from the beginnings I already compiled.