Back to the 9.1%

The new job just ended. It was NOT a good fit for me and apparently for the owner . I am not a willing victim. I have a problem with lack of respect from an employer and do not buy into the concept that anyone is better than anyone else in this universe. I witnessed so much drama and verbal attacks on several employees in the short time I was at this job and it sickened me. People are frozen in fear and walking on eggshells. Job safety conditions are also a serious concern for me and the company uses a lot of high health-risk acids and solvents but behaves as though they are using very small quantities. No thank you. Life is too short. I’m sorry to leave my coworkers because they are all wonderful and good people. I wish them all the best.

Recently transitioned from the 9.1% unemployed

Well it finally happened. I found a job a few weeks ago and have been earning a decent hourly wage again. The job is located such that I can live in my house and only commute a mere 15 miles to get there.  I’m doing process engineering as usual and learning new things. I am adjusting to change once more as when I became unemployed. It is interesting how one might expect to feel relief finding a full time job after 7 months but I notice I am more stressed as there is no guarantee this job will last.  My previous job only lasted 6 months and I keep taking major pay cuts. That means the money does not do much for shoring up my financial position for the future when I become unemployed again. Let us not forget the lack of health insurance. I am not yet old enough to retire but what does that mean? If you do not have a job you can call it whatever you want. Money becomes more and more scarce and as you become older that situation gets more difficult to alter. Therefore, I continue to pursue my plans to “employ” myself for myself and work on getting my jewelry business off the ground and get my fruit trees and other potential crops in the ground. That should at least help prevent going without food.

Favorite position in my house -- Looking out the back windows with feet up on the coffee table

New exercise for women

Ladies, I must share my new exercise for eliminating that unsightly underarm flab. It involves a very simple piece of equipment called a telescoping pole saw. If you use this saw only five to ten minutes a day about three days per week on tree branches of no less than three inches in diameter and well up over your head, you will begin to notice a difference in your underarm flab. You will also notice a lot of other things involving your body but a little Extra Strength Tylenol will take care of that. Now that my trees are trimmed I will have to volunteer my services to neighbors to keep up this exercise program. Please contact me through my blog. I feel the flab returning.

Pile of trimmed tree branches now in my backyard

My rural mailbox

Dave and I drove out with the dogs to my property last Saturday to put a mailbox out on the street so I can receive mail delivery. It must be placed on a certain corner close to my property alongside about ten other mailboxes. The box had to have a key lock since I won’t be collecting my mail on a daily basis. Then we needed to tackle the problem of mounting. Did we have to get a four-by-four post and cement it in the ground? Should we use a big conduit pipe and mount a fitting to the bottom of the box and screw the pipe into it? Now just picture this; we are on a street corner out in the boonies with just a few tools and good old elbow grease. Surprisingly to me, Home Depot sells a mounting kit that screws onto the mailbox and screws into the ground! Yes, that’s right. Screws into the ground. How simple and convenient. As we were working on this project, my neighbor who lives across the street from the mailboxes, saw us and came over to introduce himself. Pat said he has 20 acres and a few horses. He was, however, concerned about where we were locating my mailbox. I told him this was where the mail carrier told me to put it, to the right of the last mailbox in the row. I asked him what he had against the location and he made a gesture that mimicked someone hitting a home run. Apparently people in these rural areas like to beat up on mailboxes sitting out along the street. I noticed a few of the boxes looked slightly distorted. I wonder if I can find a rubber mailbox for sale online?

Me and my mailbox

Researching agricultural business

Thanks to Tom Shea with UC Riverside Extension Cooperative for all his words of wisdom, I now have more research to conduct in my endeavor to be a successful farmer. First and foremost I must get my soil and water tested by the RiversideCorona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD). Then I must talk to local nursery operators with intimate knowledge of what likes to grow in my location or “micro-climate.” California is riddled with micro-climates and mine is at 4500 feet in altitude. The ideal time to purchase fruit trees is December and January because they are available as bear root and that is a major cost saver. Also, southern California gets most of its rain in the winter months so that will help with watering to get the little fellows kick-started. I would love to get connected with other people who have or are going through this same process for support and to commiserate. I’m assuming there will be commiserating.

Getting hooked on Facebook

I never thought I would but I did it. I signed up on Facebook and now I’m hooked. I have to admit it is a great way to get and stay in touch with family members especially when they are spread far and wide across the country. And the family just keeps growing. Now cousins have children and they have children not to mention your own nephews and nieces. The thing is, all those family members you never really knew growing up, but knew existed, you can now get to know via Facebook.

I spent some time a few years back researching my family genealogy. I think I will now spend some time collecting the stories of my more contemporary family history while that information is easy to acquire. It’s much easier to talk to the living than the dead. My paternal family came from Italy so finding anything earlier than my great grandparents’ names is virtually impossible. But I think it would be impressive to show how far this family has grown from the beginnings I already compiled.

Learning to blog

This process called blogging is new to me especially getting my site set up the way I like it. I want a site that is easy to navigate and enjoyable to visit.

I bought a “new” used laptop yesterday. Now I can be mobile and remain connected. I am also loading Skype to take advantage of that connectivity and the built in webcam.