Extreme Minimalism

Pushing on with my plan to travel the back roads throughout the United States. I have been purging and purging and purging some more deciding what I absolutely must possess to survive living in a cargo van. I have always said when packing for a trip that I am not leaving the planet. So if I find myself without some vital necessity I could always go buy it. Don’t panic. Still I find myself experiencing stress right now. Maybe it’s just nervous anticipation since I have yet to head out on my own to a destination other than a hotel or someone’s home. I wonder if I will get too cold. I wonder if I will finally get the all stuff I am keeping loaded into my van. Too much wondering. Focus on doing! Friday September 29 is the deadline I set to get on the road.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic!!!



Whoa. Wait. What?!!!

Something happened between the time of my last blog entry and now. It has been six years! Feels like a whole lot more than that.

First thing that happened was I got a job. So of course all of my self employment endeavors came to an end… at least put on hold. I did work on the bee hive but that had to fold as well since my job required me to relocate.

Fast forward to the present. I have retired, sold my house, bought a cargo van, and plan to live as a vagabond. I am not interested in living in one place or being tied to home maintenance. I wish to travel around the country on back roads, visit family and friends, and enjoy all the natural wonders that exist out there. Come along with me as I continue to follow my heart and explore whatever this world has to offer.