Researching agricultural business

Thanks to Tom Shea with UC Riverside Extension Cooperative for all his words of wisdom, I now have more research to conduct in my endeavor to be a successful farmer. First and foremost I must get my soil and water tested by the RiversideCorona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD). Then I must talk to local nursery operators with intimate knowledge of what likes to grow in my location or “micro-climate.” California is riddled with micro-climates and mine is at 4500 feet in altitude. The ideal time to purchase fruit trees is December and January because they are available as bear root and that is a major cost saver. Also, southern California gets most of its rain in the winter months so that will help with watering to get the little fellows kick-started. I would love to get connected with other people who have or are going through this same process for support and to commiserate. I’m assuming there will be commiserating.