Recently transitioned from the 9.1% unemployed

Well it finally happened. I found a job a few weeks ago and have been earning a decent hourly wage again. The job is located such that I can live in my house and only commute a mere 15 miles to get there.  I’m doing process engineering as usual and learning new things. I am adjusting to change once more as when I became unemployed. It is interesting how one might expect to feel relief finding a full time job after 7 months but I notice I am more stressed as there is no guarantee this job will last.  My previous job only lasted 6 months and I keep taking major pay cuts. That means the money does not do much for shoring up my financial position for the future when I become unemployed again. Let us not forget the lack of health insurance. I am not yet old enough to retire but what does that mean? If you do not have a job you can call it whatever you want. Money becomes more and more scarce and as you become older that situation gets more difficult to alter. Therefore, I continue to pursue my plans to “employ” myself for myself and work on getting my jewelry business off the ground and get my fruit trees and other potential crops in the ground. That should at least help prevent going without food.

Favorite position in my house -- Looking out the back windows with feet up on the coffee table

New exercise for women

Ladies, I must share my new exercise for eliminating that unsightly underarm flab. It involves a very simple piece of equipment called a telescoping pole saw. If you use this saw only five to ten minutes a day about three days per week on tree branches of no less than three inches in diameter and well up over your head, you will begin to notice a difference in your underarm flab. You will also notice a lot of other things involving your body but a little Extra Strength Tylenol will take care of that. Now that my trees are trimmed I will have to volunteer my services to neighbors to keep up this exercise program. Please contact me through my blog. I feel the flab returning.

Pile of trimmed tree branches now in my backyard


Did you ever want to just cut loose and spread your wings?

Is there some scrambled list of things in your head that keeps nagging at you to come and explore?

Do you long to connect with other people, wherever they may be, who share your excitement on some or all of your interests?

Do you seem to have an endless list of interests you want to learn more about?

Well, that is who I am and I am concerned about having so many things to do and feeling as though there is so little time.

So what are you waiting for??? Jump in and go for it!!! Join me on my journey to live a fulfilled life.