Extreme Minimalism

Pushing on with my plan to travel the back roads throughout the United States. I have been purging and purging and purging some more deciding what I absolutely must possess to survive living in a cargo van. I have always said when packing for a trip that I am not leaving the planet. So if I find myself without some vital necessity I could always go buy it. Don’t panic. Still I find myself experiencing stress right now. Maybe it’s just nervous anticipation since I have yet to head out on my own to a destination other than a hotel or someone’s home. I wonder if I will get too cold. I wonder if I will finally get the all stuff I am keeping loaded into my van. Too much wondering. Focus on doing! Friday September 29 is the deadline I set to get on the road.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic!!!



Whoa. Wait. What?!!!

Something happened between the time of my last blog entry and now. It has been six years! Feels like a whole lot more than that.

First thing that happened was I got a job. So of course all of my self employment endeavors came to an end… at least put on hold. I did work on the bee hive but that had to fold as well since my job required me to relocate.

Fast forward to the present. I have retired, sold my house, bought a cargo van, and plan to live as a vagabond. I am not interested in living in one place or being tied to home maintenance. I wish to travel around the country on back roads, visit family and friends, and enjoy all the natural wonders that exist out there. Come along with me as I continue to follow my heart and explore whatever this world has to offer.

Pondering the day

Today is my birthday. It has been very nice. People on Facebook are reminded of the day and wish me well. Old friends out of the blue call me up or e-mail me and surprise me with their thoughts of happiness. A simple gift of a piece of chocolate cake from my roommate.  What could be better? Life is good. I am content.

I get to do whatever I want. How many people in this world get to say that? I thrill over just being able to sit here writing my blog and listen to Pandora with headphones on my head. Music is such a wonderful gift. Crash Test Dummies, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman (Grateful Dawg), Maria Callas, and Patti Smith. Don’t forget to sing along.

I just got back from a trip across the country to visit my brother who I haven’t seen for over 15 years. Surprised the shit out of him! It was great. And I got to see his three sons, my nephews, as well. We are all getting old. Life goes on regardless of what choices you make or opportunities you let slip by. I am trying my best to not let opportunities get away.

We are here to leave a mark on the world.

Self employment here I come

I better get cracking on launching my business. Being unemployed I cannot use the excuse that I have no time. I applied for an Etsy account and did a few things to set up my store but mostly have been spending lots of my time researching and reading all sorts of online information about starting a business. Etsy has a tremendous online source of information and various methods of support. After all, if the Etsy stores are successful then Etsy is successful as well. But I am feeling frozen in my efforts. This is all new to me and I suppose I am afraid of failure. Classic, right? So I have an appointment to meet and discuss my business plans with someone from SCORE counseling. SCORE (http://www.score.org) is “a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed” according to their website. Maybe with some hand-holding I can get past my fear and jump into the task at hand. Discipline versus procrastination.

The desire is to be sole proprietor of my own company and spend my days doing the kind of work that I enjoy. I have a few ideas for what I would like to pursue as a business besides selling my handcrafted jewelry. Starting a small farm on my property is another. When I eventually move onto the property to live full time I hope to add chickens, goats, sheep, possibly alpacas, and a fish pond for talapia. I could still continue my jewelry business and expand into fiber arts thanks to the generosity of my four-legged friends. Wish me luck or, better still, kick me in the butt and say “get cracking!”

Back to the 9.1%

The new job just ended. It was NOT a good fit for me and apparently for the owner . I am not a willing victim. I have a problem with lack of respect from an employer and do not buy into the concept that anyone is better than anyone else in this universe. I witnessed so much drama and verbal attacks on several employees in the short time I was at this job and it sickened me. People are frozen in fear and walking on eggshells. Job safety conditions are also a serious concern for me and the company uses a lot of high health-risk acids and solvents but behaves as though they are using very small quantities. No thank you. Life is too short. I’m sorry to leave my coworkers because they are all wonderful and good people. I wish them all the best.