My name is Ellen and I am embarking on this journey called the rest of my life. I will post my wacky philosophies and experiences as I follow my heart through this world I live in. I hope you can join me because life is much richer when you have friends with which to share it.

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  1. OK, I’ll play. Yesterday we spent the day with family–son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren and more family and friends. It was sunny here in TX, but not as hot as it has been and we all enjoyed our time out of doors. Dan & Diane are very welcoming people and everyone always feels at home at their house. The children and mostly dads spent time in the pool just playing and enjoying life. Diane, her Mom, and Sister, Tina, all made homemade ice cream which we all devoured and voted on for best of the lot. Tina’s S’more’s ice cream won with crunchy graham crackers, tiny marshmallows, and chocolate pieces–yum. We are so blessed.

    • Hi Nancy,
      This is what life is all about. Enjoying family and friends. And, yes, eating homemade ice cream. I hope I can join you in Texas soon.

      Nancy is my favorite sister-in-law and she is married to my most favorite brother, Terry. The ability to travel readily is one of my top tier goals. There are so many places to see and people to meet. I need to be able to get to Texas whenever I feel like.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog. Also, thanks for including the Crazy Chick banner on your site. If you want to join the club, just leave a quick message on the CCC chat page and I’ll include your link on the members page. BTW I love your line: ” am embarking on this journey called the rest of my life.” We are all beautiful works in progress …

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