Back to the 9.1%

The new job just ended. It was NOT a good fit for me and apparently for the owner . I am not a willing victim. I have a problem with lack of respect from an employer and do not buy into the concept that anyone is better than anyone else in this universe. I witnessed so much drama and verbal attacks on several employees in the short time I was at this job and it sickened me. People are frozen in fear and walking on eggshells. Job safety conditions are also a serious concern for me and the company uses a lot of high health-risk acids and solvents but behaves as though they are using very small quantities. No thank you. Life is too short. I’m sorry to leave my coworkers because they are all wonderful and good people. I wish them all the best.

8 responses to “Back to the 9.1%

    • Thanks Donna. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Wow! What an experience. Glad I am done with that episode. As you know, I do not need anymore drama in my life. Hell, no one does.

    • Thanks Rae. I’m sure I will. I wish I could create a cartoon like yours to describe my last job experience. I visualize something similar to your writer’s block. Great work.

    • Thanks for referring me to this post. People who get into positions of authority and behave like tyrannical control freaks are only insecure. Wouldn’t it be interesting to collect all posts of similar theme on this subject?

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