My rural mailbox

Dave and I drove out with the dogs to my property last Saturday to put a mailbox out on the street so I can receive mail delivery. It must be placed on a certain corner close to my property alongside about ten other mailboxes. The box had to have a key lock since I won’t be collecting my mail on a daily basis. Then we needed to tackle the problem of mounting. Did we have to get a four-by-four post and cement it in the ground? Should we use a big conduit pipe and mount a fitting to the bottom of the box and screw the pipe into it? Now just picture this; we are on a street corner out in the boonies with just a few tools and good old elbow grease. Surprisingly to me, Home Depot sells a mounting kit that screws onto the mailbox and screws into the ground! Yes, that’s right. Screws into the ground. How simple and convenient. As we were working on this project, my neighbor who lives across the street from the mailboxes, saw us and came over to introduce himself. Pat said he has 20 acres and a few horses. He was, however, concerned about where we were locating my mailbox. I told him this was where the mail carrier told me to put it, to the right of the last mailbox in the row. I asked him what he had against the location and he made a gesture that mimicked someone hitting a home run. Apparently people in these rural areas like to beat up on mailboxes sitting out along the street. I noticed a few of the boxes looked slightly distorted. I wonder if I can find a rubber mailbox for sale online?

Me and my mailbox

2 responses to “My rural mailbox

    • Thank you Sartenada. This was so long ago and I have not been out there to see if the box is still standing. I will be going there as part of my travels and find out.

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